Custom Picture Frames: 2 Mistakes You Don't Want To Make


Picture frames can really make or break a photo. They can add emphasis, set the tone, and enhance the overall aesthetic of an image. That's why it's so important to get custom picture framing right, especially if you're doing it yourself. This article explores a few common DIY mistakes people make when framing pictures. Failure to Leave Enough Room for the Picture  A custom picture frame should allow enough room to accommodate the thickness of the picture, mount, and glass.

15 November 2022

5 Benefits Of Online Art Lessons


If you're looking to develop your artistic skills, you may want to look to virtual learning. Online art lessons have many of the benefits of in-person sessions along with some distinct advantages. Here are 5 potential benefits of virtual art lessons. Range of Options Working in person with an instructor will always limit you to the teachers who are available in your area. By extension, that limits you to those instructors' styles and skills.

26 July 2022

Why You Should Consider Art Therapy When Grieving The Loss Of Your Spouse


If you're grieving the loss of your spouse right now, you might be looking for anything and everything you can do to get through the grieving process. Even though you might have explored a few therapy options, you might not have heard of art therapy or thought about trying it. However, art therapy can be a good idea if you're currently grieving the loss of your spouse; these are some of the reasons why this therapy type could be right for you.

12 January 2022