Grip And Lighting Equipment Needed For Any Video Production


Do you need to rent equipment for an upcoming video production shoot, and you are wondering if you have everything that you need? It will help to know some of the essential equipment to have on hand. 


C-stands are used for a variety of purposes on a set. They can be used to hold microphones, lights, flags, and various types of diffusion material to control light. It's always better to have too many c-stands than not enough because otherwise, the best replacement in a pinch is to have somebody physically hold something in one spot the entire time. 


You'll need sandbags for all those c-stands since they are used to weigh down the base and prevent the heavy equipment on top from toppling over. Plan to have a couple of sandbags for each c-stand that you have, and to use even more if you are going to be mounting very heavy equipment on the c-stands.

Apple Boxes

Apple boxes are essentially small boxes of various sizes. They are used to make small adjustments to the height of people or equipment on set. For example, if you have two people standing next to each other and their height is quite drastic, you can have the shorter person stand on apple boxes to make them taller, rather than have the taller person duck down. 

Flags, Scrims, Gels, and Barn Doors

Flags are big pieces of fabric that can be attached to a c-stand, which can help block or direct light on any set. They are designed for being inserted into c-stands and can be tilted or rotated in any direction. If you are taping an interview on a set, you can use a soft flag to create a harsh shadow on the background to create dynamic lighting effects. A flag that is close to a light source is going to create a soft edge, while a flag far away will create a hard edge. 

Scrims are attached directly to a light and made out of material that is non-flammable. They can help reduce the intensity of a light by either blocking or reflecting light. Barn doors are also attached to a light, but they are made out of material with a hard edge on them. They are sometimes combined with gels, which are a transparency film, to introduce colored lighting to a set. 

Reach out to your equipment rental company for more tips about what you should need for a grip and lighting equipment rental package. 


17 April 2023

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