How To Limit Hours Spent In Post-Production When Making Your Corporate Video


If you've hired a content production agency to create your corporate video, you'll likely be given a budget of a specific amount of hours for post-production. This includes a limited amount of revision rounds that you have to make changes, as well as the total amount of hours that the video editor will spend on the project. Follow these tips to make sure that your project does not become out of control in post-production and end up costing you more money in overages. 

View A Rough Cut With An Open Mind

When the project is very early on and a first pass is completed, your video editor is going to present a first look at where the video is in terms of its overall progress. This is known as a rough cut, and you should learn how to view it with an open mind so that you are not giving the video editor more work that takes away from the total hours delegated to post-production.

Chances are that the music is going to be temporary or crudely cut together, that the VO won't be the final voice, and that some takes used will not be the final ones and are just placeholders. Graphics may be simplified and roughed in to get the verbiage and placement on screen, and the total video's length may even run a bit too long. 

It's important to not get hung up on these elements that are going to be fixed later. If you end up having your editor go back and fix things for this rough cut presentation, you'll only waste hours on improving aspects of a rough cut that will never make it into the final version. You should be judging the overall feel of the video, and if it's going in the right direction. Listen to the editors' caveats and assume that everything they say will be done will make it into the final version.

Gather All Feedback Before Making Revisions

When you are presented with a cut of the video and asked to give feedback, it's important that you get feedback from everyone involved in the project and discuss it. You'll want to narrow down feedback to what is important, see how everyone on your team feels about the comments, and narrow down a list of what feedback you want to present to the content production agency.

Gathering everyone's feedback is also important because one person's comments can contradict another comment that comes in later. For example, you want a new music track under the video and have the editor search for one, only to later present the video to your boss for the first time and realize that they don't like the new music track that was found. This is a simple problem that could have been avoided by having everyone weigh in with feedback at once, then consolidate what you want to change.  


6 October 2020

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